What makes our products so unique are the herbal extracts we use. The extracts are all made with pure and original herbs straight from the Icelandic wilderness. It is known that the Icelandic people have used wild herbs for centuries for all sorts of healing purposes.

Herbs and their healing power is one of the greater wonders of the world. There is no better way of maintaining a healthy skin and to keep away any undesirable skin problems but to blend clean, wild and powerful herbs into your skin care products. Icelandic herbs are special because they are smaller and stronger, compared with herbs from most other countries. The growing process of the herbs is shorter in Iceland and therefore they are stronger, more powerful, and purer than similar herbs abroad.

Every herb we use has its own special quality or strength to heal, cure and improve the condition of the skin. We use a special blend of many different and unlike herbs in every single product we produce. The herbs are found and harvested by hand on just the right phase in their growth and in the right condition, far away from pollution and populated areas. This means we only use top quality herbs in our products.

Only the parts of the herbal plants which are going to be used for production purposes are carefully cut off so the rest of the plants can continue to grow.