To simplify things for our customers, each of our product collections has its own unique color.

These are our product collections: 


Purity Herbs offer a wide range of natural skincare products for every need.
Purity Herbs Problem skin line has proven to be useful on dry patches, cracked and excessively dry and irritated skin, and has proven beneficial as an eczema cream (as an eczema face cream and/or sectional as an eczema treatment).
The body line has an uplifting scent of nature from the herbs and oils and leaves your skin well-nou Iceland skincare with natural beauty skin care products has been our priority for 25 years
Minimizes the redness and irritation that often accompany shaving and leaves a faint scent of lemon and lavender. Excellent choice for all men on-the-go.
The stress-relieving bath salt for the ultimate relaxation via Icelandic skincare.
Open up a new dimension in your sex life with the aphrodisiac powers of our 100% natural herbal products.
This new beauty best skin care products contains herbal extract of handpicked Icelandic herbs for skin that grow in clean and beautiful Mývatn area.