Hekla Volcanic Body Scrub

Hekla Volcanic Body Scrub -

Hekla Volcanic Body Scrub

Sports and body care

Hekla Volcanic Body Scrub

Hekla Volcanic Body Scrub

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Hekla Volcanic Body Scrub is a powerful and energizing body scrub that contains lava from Hekla. When massaged into the skin, the lava is a great exfoliator that clears away dead skin cells and impurities, leaving skin soft and renewed.

This scrub contains energizing essential oils that have a refreshing effect both your body and spirit; they detoxify and work against cellulite while lifting the spirits, fighting stress and anxiety.

Appearence: The gel is clear with gray and white lava. Fresh, uplifting scent of citruses.

Directions: Massage into skin in large circular strokes and rinse well. To enjoy the benefits of the essential oils try to inhale deeply a few times during treatment.



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