Body Salt Scrub

Body Salt Scrub -

Body Salt Scrub

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Body Salt Scrub

Body Salt Scrub

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Wonderful body scrub for use in bath or shower. Blend of oranges, lemon and mandarins reduces stress and uplifts your spirit.
The sea salt exfoliates and cleans the skin and the oil makes it silky soft and glowing.

Appearence: Orange colored salt oil mixture, scent of fresh citruses.

Directions: Take the spoon and make a soft blend from the jar. Put a suitable amount in to your palm and massage all over your body in circular motions. Use anytime you want to indulge yourself and you will feel pleasantly refreshed and nourished.

Regular use strengthens the skin and improves the elasticity.

Caution: Do not use on sun damaged or broken skin, freshly shaved body parts, or other extra sensitive skin conditions.



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